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Work…kids…after school activities…appointments…Life is BUSY!

That’s why we developed the DIY ESTIMATE, so you can get an estimate on YOUR time and within YOUR schedule. Fill out all the information below, remembering that the most important thing is accurate pictures, measurements, and descriptions of your project. Here are a couple tips that will help:

  • It’s best NOT to take a close-up photo unless you need to show a problem area.
  • Try and take several pictures from different angles of the project so we get the whole view of the project.
  • If your area isn’t perfectly square or easy to measure, you can break up the area as best you can and provide multiple measurements.
  • Material is expensive so every inch counts. Be sure to measure the whole way out to the road if you are measuring for a curb or driveway.
  • Try and do the best you can with the measurements so there are no surprises when we come out to do the final field measurement for an accepted estimate.

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